Education is an activity which imparts knowledge or skill to a person. In other words, education can be defined as the gradual process of acquiring knowledge.

We list you a complete education resource page that carries information exclusively for teachers and students.

Resources for Teachers

Teaching qualification

Getting good basic qualifications is the first step towards becoming a teacher. The below link can give you the basic requirements to begin teacher training and gain QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)

Teacher training options

There are quiet a lot of teacher training options. To become an effective teacher and to teach across state maintained schools across wales and England, Initial Teacher Training porgramme need to be completed. To know more click here

Where can I get teacher training funds?

A wide range of funding is available for teacher traning. Visit the links for more detail

Career exploration

There is a range of information and support available to people who are interested in teaching. These programmes, schemes and sources of professional advice can help you determine if a career in teaching would suit you.

Teacher Recruitment

Teaching jobs and teacher recruitment has now become easy to find with the top websites list(below) that specializes in employing teacher in teaching jobs, teaching assisting jobs across UK.

Salary scale

Salary is the true price of happiness. It plays a major role on mankind and the kind of job he plays. When compared to other profession, teachers are paid best. They get benefits depending upon current position, experience and location. Know more about teaching salary scales here.

Top 6 Education Unions

Listed here are some of the largest and popular education union for academics, lecturers, trainers, researchers and academic-related staff working in further and higher education throughout the UK.

Top 6 Education Resources/Useful links for educational professionals

Student Resource

Presenting to you a range of student resource that can help you no matter what you are studying.

Student Loans

A student loan has got two major advantages over other conventional loans- lower interest rates and easier repayment schedule. Listed are some websites that provide easy grants for student loans.

Student Scholarships

On basis on your academic merit scholarships are provided. They are awarded on various criteria usually reflecting the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. Make use of the following websites who can provide you extra financial support for your education.

Student Jobs

Job is considered most important as it improves your self value and self status. A variety of jobs are available for students which could be taken up at their most comfortable time. We list you UK's most visited commercial recruitment website carrying innumerable vacancies.

Students Union

Student union is a student organization at many universities and colleges which represents students both within and outside the institution for local and national issues. Here are some interesting and popular student unions.

Student Free Stuffs

Get what you want for free. These sites hold free stuffs exclusively for students with wide categories to pick up the one of your choice easily.

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